Finn O’Brien series…Book 2

Foreign Relations

Author: Rebecca Forster
Genres: New Release, Police Procedural, Thriller

Traffic in downtown Los Angeles turns hellish when a woman hurtles from an overpass and crashes through the windshield of a car on the 110 Freeway. Narrowly escaping death in the epic pile up, Detective Finn O’Brien and his partner Cori Anderson throw themselves into the fray: Cori to triage and Finn rushing toward the flaming car in a desperate bid to save the woman. But survival is not an option. As the car explodes in a fireball, she dies in his arms. When her autopsy reveals a gruesome secret, Finn is determined to prove her death was no accident. Together with Cori, he follows a twisted trail that leads into the veiled and exotic world of L.A.’s exiled African community, the luxurious enclaves of Hollywood and finally to the doorstep of a third world despot whose cruelty knows no bounds and whose influence has a stranglehold on the City of the Angels.

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L.A.’s freeways are always a nightmare, but when a body hurtles off an overpass one of them turns downright hellish. Detective Finn O’Brien and Cori Anderson survive the epic pile up and throw themselves into the rescue effort: Cori to triage and Finn to the flaming car at the head of the line. With Herculean effort, he drags the driver to safety before returning for the homeless woman who caused it all. In the days that follow, Finn O’Brien will find out that the victim is not what she seems, that more than one person wanted her dead and that the city he loves is a foreign place fraught with danger for those who dare to wander off the beaten path.