Dark Witness

Dark Witness
Series: The Witness series, Book 7
Genres: Legal Suspense, Thriller
BOOK #7. The best intentions can lead to the most gruesome consequences in this explosive Witness Book. Hannah and Josie face their darkest hours yet as they search not only for one another, but for something greater than themselves to believe in.
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About the Book

As the edge of winter slices through fall, Josie Bates testifies in Washington D.C. about the Albanian blood feud that sent Hannah Sheraton and Billy Zuni fleeing for their lives while Archer reluctantly abandons a trail that has gone cold in his search for the teenagers. The next move must be Hannah’s.

But Hannah, determined to stay one step ahead of the authorities who want Billy back and a blood feud that will only be satisfied when he is dead, knows their only hope is to hunker down in the darkest corner of earth that they can find until the danger is past.

Surviving a journey that is terrifying and treacherous, Billy and Hannah eventually find themselves isolated but safe in a place as far from Hermosa Beach as they can get. But their relief is short lived. When the perpetual winter dark turns to the inky black of hell, the fight in front of her and Billy is not only for their lives, but their very souls.

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