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Rebecca Forster started writing novels on a crazy dare.
Now she is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of 29 books which the CBS Legal Correspondent calls, “Perfect. . .impossible to put down.”

After earning her MBA, Forster spent 14 years as a marketing executive before taking the leap from a corporate to a creative career. A fulltime author, speaker and teacher, Rebecca focuses on legal and political thrillers, but is known for bringing an uncommon sense of character and compassion to her work. Her Witness Series, featuring attorney Josie Bates, has resided on the Amazon bestseller lists for over three years in both the U.S. and U.K. and is a featured series at Before Her Eyes, a cross genre thriller, captured the winning votes for Reviewers Choice for Best Mystery. Continue Reading →

Talk Topics


  • Embrace Your Creativity: Why Some of Us Are John Grisham and Others Dr. Suess
  • Inspiration: Where to Find It and What to Do With It.
  • Modern Publishing: Traditional to Indie Publishing
  • Practical Creativity: Five Things Creative People Must Do to Succeed


  • Why Lawyers are so Appealing: Lawyers as Entertainment
  • What Characters: Literary Lawyers – Do They Exist Today?

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Rebecca has been honored to be a keynote speaker, panelist or lecturer in venues as diverse as middle school classrooms and judge’s conference. Here are just a few of the venues around the country in which she has appeared.

  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
  • South Bay Bar Association
  • Santa Clarita Bar Association
  • Los Angeles Civil Judge’s Seminar
  • Assistance League (multiple chapters)
  • Palos Verdes Women’s Club
  • SEAK, a Writers Conference for Judges and Lawyers
  • Monterey Writer’s Conference
  • RWA (multiple chapters)
  • Sisters in Crime
  • Philips University Writers Conference, Oklahoma
  • UCLA Writers Program, instructor and conference panelist
  • UC Irvine, instructor
  • California State University, Long Beach, instructor
  • Young Writers Conference (middle school program)
  • Association of University Women (multiple chapters)
  • Ability First
  • Palos Verdes Women’s Club Author Day, featured speaker
  • RomCom, Denver
  • Write America
  • Surf Writers
  • Southwest Manuscripters
  • PV Men’s Club
  • Palmdale Women’s Conference, keynote


About the Books


The Witness series is unique in the world of series. It was born with Hostile Witness, a traditional legal procedural that followed attorney Josie Bates through her defense of sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton for murder.   Along the way, magic happened. Rebecca Forster created a fictional blended family that caught the imagination of the reading public as they connected with Forster’s unique blend of character and theme.

Each of the seven books in the series follows a super charged emotional and psychological path of the characters as they come to grips with questions of ethics, morality, self-worth, honor and trust.

  • Hostile Witness: Should children be tried as adults for violent crimes? How young is too young?
  • Silent Witness:  Have fathers’ rights been abused by both the courts and women to the detriment of the children involved. How are children manipulated in divorce?
  • Privileged Witness: Is privilege like the race card, able to be played at a moment’s notice, stacking the social and legal deck? Is it always about money?
  • Expert Witness: Is the courtroom really a giant playground where the winner is the one who can throw the ball the hardest? Is destroying a reputation like murder?
  • Eyewitness: How civilized are we really? When an ancient code collides with modern law the question of justice isn’t as simple as it seems.
  • Forgotten Witness: Time marches on but in its wake it leaves memories of missteps and transgressions. If only one person suffers, does it matter that wrongs are righted?


Rebecca Forster’s single-title novels explore the humanity of each character in the midst of life and death challenges.  There are times when a single voice breaks into an author’s mind and it must be heard, the book must be written.

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