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Diverse. Realistic. Compelling

Rebecca Forster’s single-title novels explore the humanity of each character in the midst of life and death challenges.  There are times when a single voice breaks into an author’s mind and it must be heard, the book must be written.

  • Before Her Eyes: The deaths of Rebecca’s father and father-in-law inspired this genre- bending exploration of this question: when faced with death does our life truly pass before our eyes?
  • Beyond Malice: A fourteen-year age difference between Rebecca and her sister got her wondering: is blood reason enough to put your reputation and life on the line for someone you barely know?
  • The Mentor: Inspired by her husband’s mentor, the first black judge appointed west of the Mississippi, Rebecca wanted to know what happens when the emotional and moral commitment of one veers off course.
  • Keeping Counsel:  A USA Today bestseller,  readers agree that Bill Hamilton is one of the most charming and chilling characters they have ever come across. Inspired by a real case, this novel explores the limits of women’s affection for one another when a dangerous man comes between them.
  • Character Witness:  Inspired by an attorney who had, at one time, been lawyer to the stars only to be marginalized in his old age, this book is about spirit, cunning, and the dangers of counting out the fringe.

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