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My son Eric

It is Mothers Day weekend. As with the last 31 holidays since I became a mom, I have reveled in this holiday. I celebrate my own mother (more on that Sunday) and happily accept whatever accolades, surprises, and gifts my kids feel like sending my way. Usually this involves eating at a food court and seeing a guy-movie since I am a boy-mom and that’s what boys give their mothers.

This morning, I left the house to take a walk before I went to work. It was 5:30 in the a.m. and the sky was still sleepy-gray as I plugged my earphones into my phone and called up my podcasts. The first podcast on the playlist was a mother’s day gift from my youngest son, Eric.

Like me, he is a writer; unlike me he is an edgy, out-of-the-box writer. He is also the writer, produce, and brains behind the fiction/music podcast Howl Out Loud. Science fiction, fantasy and magical realism are his thing, pushing the envelope is what he does and he was in his element with his Mothers Day podcast, The Brood Queen.

Where most mom’s receive an homage to their nurturing in the form of flowers, candy, and lovely cards, I got a science fiction story about a worm that embeds itself into a woman’s ear and takes over her body. The brood queen is, however, is touched by the human kindness shown her by the host body’s unsuspecting husband. Naturally, she totally annihilates him during the mating process (this includes penetration by a proboscis and other gross things). The result of the mating is two fantastic baby worms. One baby worm takes over the body of a lawyer and the other baby worm the body of a doctor. When the baby worms go out to conquer the earth, the brood queen, naturally worries about her offspring and. . .

Well, the rest of the story is just awesome and you should listen to it.

But if you don’t have time, or science fiction isn’t your thing, or at this point you are wondering what kind of weird child I have raised, or you are thinking that I have lost my mind, I want you to know something: The Brood Queen is a story that celebrates my son’s love for me and mine for him.

Eric gave me the greatest gift possible and that is acknowledgement that, together with my husband, we raised him well in a home that was a cauldron of creativity, a host body that easily accepted his burrowing years. If he failed, he plugged back into universal outlet of family before leaving me, the brood queen and my consort, and striking out to conquer the world again. Always, he comes back to lay the spoils of his hard work at my feet and there could be no one prouder than I am.

Thank you my quirky, handsome, immensely creative son for your gift of words and imagination. Thank you, too, for the flowers you didn’t know you sent. Daddy put your name on the card.

Signing out. Loving you always. The Brood Queen.

P.S. Mom moment. Check out his wonderful books. They are as exciting as The Brood Queen.

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Tomorrow: My son Alex and The Solar Panel of Happiness.

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