UnknownChristmas is almost packed away, tonight is New Years Eve, tomorrow  is 2016. I wasn’t going to write a blog. I mean, really. Who needs to hear about my resolutions (there aren’t any) or the things I’m happy to leave behind from 2015 (too few to mention), or how my husband and I will get all wild and crazy celebrating the holiday (dinner at six, asleep by 10:30)?

I changed my mind when I saw the message below. It came from a dear friend, the woman who wrote me my first fan letter over 25 years ago. I don’t know who wrote this piece. If I did I would happily give credit where it is due because this is the kind of thinking that gives me hope and attainable direction. It is written with words that make me smile. Whoever the author is, thank you. Your optimism is catching and this message cries out to be shared. So here it is, words from an unknown author, noticed by a friend, who sent them to me, so that I could send it to you. I couldn’t have said  this better.


The Boarding on Flight 2016 has been announced. Hope you have checked in only the best souvenirs from 2015 in your luggage. The BAD and SAD moments if carried, must be thrown away in the garbage on arrival.  The flight will be for 12 months long. So, loosen your seat belts, jingle and mingle.

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Stephen Hawking, The New Year, & Me


A few months ago I had a glass of wine with a new acquaintance, a young woman in the book business.

“What do you read for fun?” I asked her.

“I liked a Brief History of Time. You know, Stephen Hawking’s book?” she said, smiling broadly and obviously eager for a discussion of the book.

“Gee. Physics. Hmmm,” I answered. “I actually haven’t read it.”

What followed was a spirited explanation of loopy time, a promise that we each see the movie The Theory of Everything and a story about my own brush with the great Stephen Hawking.

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