Beyond Malice

Beyond Malice
Genre: Single Title Thrillers
REVIEWERS CHOICE, BEST MYSTERY "There were times I felt like I was reading Lisa Scottoline and other times I felt I was reading Grisham - so if Lisa and John got together and had a baby, Rebecca Forster would be their literary child!" - Vine Voice Review
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About the Book

Unlike her much younger sister Nora, attorney Amanda Cross has worked hard for everything she has – which isn’t much. But the tables turn when the evidence in the grisly murder of a partner’s wife at a prestigious law firm points to Nora. Abandoned by the legal community, Nora reluctantly turns to her sister for help. Armed with a tenacious spirit, no leads, no experience in defending a murder charge, Amanda has to free her sister from what the D.A. claims is an open-and shut case. With the help of a handsome assistant-for-hire with a chip on his shoulder, this outgunned lawyer peels away the protective layers surrounding some very upright types to reveal intentions that seem to be beyond reproach, but are, in fact, beyond malice.

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