Finn O’Brien series…Book 3

Secret Relations

Author: Rebecca Forster
Series: A Finn O’Brien Thriller, Book 03
Genres: New Release, Crime Thriller, Police Procedural
They’re illegal. They’re undocumented. They’re disappearing. When Finn O’Brien learns that day laborers are disappearing form the corners, he petitions for a task force to look into the matter. But politics and prejudice put the problem on the back burner as Los Angeles girds for Cinco de Mayo demonstrations and fights an uptick in gang activity. Having no choice, Finn takes matters into his own hands and delves into a shadowy world where life is cheap – even his own.




About the Book

Awakened in the dead of night, Finn O’Brien is called to a hostage situation where he faces off with a notorious Hispanic gangbanger. When it’s all over five illegal immigrants and a cop are dead, the perp is shot and his lawyer is screaming police brutality. Ordered to keep a low profile, Finn is again drawn into the crosshairs of controversy when his partner’s daughter asks him to find a missing friend – a young Hispanic man who, according to the law, doesn’t exist. Cautious of his precarious position, uneasy about keeping a secret from his partner and hindered by the prejudice and politics of the LAPD, Finn is tempted to turn a deaf ear to the girl’s plea – until the first body is found. From the patches of wilderness that pock the sprawl of Los Angeles, to the city of Compton where the Hispanic community remains wary of the Policia and on to Mexico where it all started, Finn tracks a killer who preys on the most vulnerable, one with a gruesome secret that has been buried under decades of shame, a killer the world has forgotten about until now.