Justice. Politics. The Law.

Rebecca Forster brings the very heart of politics and the law to life in the pages of her best-selling Witness Series.

Once a hot-shot criminal defense attorney, Josie Bates abandoned her fast-track career when her spectacular Los Angeles courtroom win became a devastating personal tragedy.  Now, working at a small practice in Hermosa Beach, Josie cautiously rebuilds her life, opening her heart to Archer, an emotionally vulnerable ex-cop, and Hannah, a troubled teen. But the tranquility of the beach life is no guarantee of peace and Josie rises to meet the challenges of a world where the stakes are high and to lose is lethal. With twists and turns, cliff hangers and red herrings, this suspense-filled, seven-book series explores the dark side of the law,  the strength of real love, the intrusion of politics, the unbreakable bonds of family, and the immense power of the righteous few who stand strong in the face of pure evil.

Hostile Witness, Book #1: Josie Bates faces more than a legal challenge when she agrees to defend sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton against charges of capital murder – she faces personal demons that are more deadly than she ever imagined.

Silent Witness, Book #2:  Josie has more on her plate than coming to grips with being the guardian of a teenager when her lover, Archer, is accused of murdering his stepson. Love isn’t blind when the evidence is in.

Privileged Witness, Book #3: Josie’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of her first, true love who is now poised to become a U.S. Senator – if only Josie can defend his sister from the charge of that she murdered her sister-in-law.

Expert Witness, Book #4:  Josie isn’t proud of her past, but when it comes back it does more than haunt her in this book about the last thing a victim and their family have to cling to: reputation.

Eyewitness, Book #5: The murders are gruesome. The suspect is a kid. Josie’s world is turned upside down  – and those she loves are defenseless – as a code of ancient justice is carried half way across the world to battle with modern law.

Forgotten Witness, Book #6: The most surprising and personal of the witness books, Josie comes face to face with the one person in the world who can bring her personal peace only to find herself locked in a life and death struggle with the most ruthless opponent of all – the government.

Dark Witness, Book #7: The best intentions can lead to the most gruesome consequences in this explosive Witness Book. Hannah and Josie face their darkest hours yet as they search not only for one another, but for something greater than themselves to believe in.

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